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     Dongfeng Motor Drive Shaft Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as eastward Company) is the production operation of vehicle drive shaft, steering gear, steering gear, clutch assembly and parts such as the four large-scale backbone enterprises. December 1997 record of Dongfeng Automobile Company and Suzhou Yuan (Group) Company formed a joint venture eastward company registered in Suzhou Industrial Park headquarters. July 1 2003, Dongfeng eastward into the company as a whole - the new Nissan formed a joint venture - Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.. East Communication Company under the four entities, Shiyan Branch, Suzhou Branch Auto Parts, marketing subsidiaries, Suzhou Industrial Park plant, with four holding, shares of subsidiaries. Distribution of Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places, the registered capital of 235 million, 2105 employees, industrial building area 95,800 square meters, the main production equipment 1074 (sets), which imported CNC machine tools, machining centers and more than 70 units. Eastward annual production capacity of 15 million units power steering, transmission shafts 600,000, steering gear 300,000, 20 million units of mechanical steering, clutch 30 million units.

Eastward in 1978, the company launched a comprehensive quality management in 1989 by the National Quality Management Award, December 1997 through the third party quality system certification ISO9000. 2001, ISO14001 environmental management system through a third party certification. In 2002 the company realized an industrial output value of 743.3 million yuan, sales income of 721.1 million yuan, profit 60.73 million yuan. "Quality first, reputation first, customer first " is the aim, "doing fine, stronger, bigger, "the company goal. Eastward into the new joint venture company will be the opportunity of the company, according to "integration, innovation, market, culture, "the company character concept of "learning, innovation, beyond the"company philosophy, nurturing their core competitive advantage for customers Offers a wide range of varieties, the most excellent products and excellent service. Eastward strive to build the company into China's leading parts suppliers.      
      Updated in 2010 through the device input to achieve capital gains 51,000,000; through rationalization process layout, improve production efficiency and achieve shafts, steering systems business separate operation to complete the main business income of 517 million, to reach a target budget of 141% Complete the annual budget target of 131%.
       Dongfeng shaft company in 2011 to enhance the theme for the work product quality, customer demand, the quality improvement as the starting point to enhance the company's image as a business approach to research and development optimization, supply chain optimization, manufacturing optimization, process optimization, organization Optimization, optimization of staff and enhance the competitiveness of companies to work thinking, with emphasis on joint ventures steering system, and striving to Dongfeng commercial vehicle suppliers ten outstanding work.

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